Maternity benefit

If you are expecting a baby, we want to make sure the childbirth is a time of celebration!

You may also have many questions about your pregnancy.

The information below details how Remedi covers pregnancy and childbirth.

You'll also find information on what you need to do to register your baby on Remedi so he or she has cover.

 You can also read through the maternity brochure.

Consultations to GP's and Specialists

These will be paid from your normal out-of-hospital benefits for General Practitioners and Specialists.


Pregnancy scans are limited to two scans for each pregnancy, and Remedi pays for these scans from the Insured Out-of-Hospital benefit, subject to the overall annual limit.

Cover for having a baby

Before you go to hospital for any planned procedure, you must:

  • See your doctor
  • Authorise your hospital admission with us beforehand as hospital cover is not automatic. You must authorise your admission to hospital at least 48 hours before you go in (we advise at least a month before your delivery date).

We need to know so we can manage your costs in the best way and give you information that is relevant to how we will cover your hospital stay.

Costs related to childbirth

We cover childbirth from your Major Risk benefit. Your Major Risk benefit covers your hospital account, internal medical devices and emergency medical services.

Hospital cover includes home births done by registered midwives with valid practice numbers.

You need to pre-authorise your delivery, even if it is a home birth.

Caesarean sections

We cover a stay of four days and three nights in hospital.

Normal vaginal deliveries

We cover a stay of three days and two nights in hospital.

Home births

We cover home births from the Major Risk benefit. You must let us know if you choose to have a home birth by preauthorising the event.

The midwife charges a global fee for the confinement (the birth of the baby) and this includes any follow-up care for three days after the delivery.

Make sure your baby is covered

Your baby gets cover for the calendar month of his/her birth. To make sure there is continued cover, you must pay contributions for the baby from the first month following the baby's birth.

  • Example: A baby is born on 3 March. The mother is registered on Remedi. The baby gets cover until 31 March. If the baby needs cover from 1 April onwards, (s)he must be registered on Remedi.

The Medical Schemes Act allows 30 days from the date of birth for the parents to register the baby with the Medical Scheme.

The baby may be subject to underwriting, if he/she is not registered within the 30-day period and may therefore not enjoy uninterrupted cover.

   Application for registration of newborn baby(90kb)