Other (Allied and Alternative healthcare professionals)

Allied healthcare professionals are clinical healthcare professionals, who have been educated in a certain area of medicine, completed clinical training, and then are either registered, certified, or licensed in their field. Allied healthcare professionals are not doctors, nurses, or dentists, but instead are the experts and team members who work alongside or under their supervision.  Their jobs, in general, fall into one of these categories: technician, therapist or technologist. Common allied healthcare job titles include physical therapist, medical assistant and dental hygienist.

In-Hospital benefits

These healthcare services are subject to the overall annual limit. We pay up to 100% of the Scheme Rate if you preauthorised your admission.


On the Comprehensive and Classic options these healthcare services are covered from the Insured Out-of-Hospital benefit subject to the overall annual limit and the applicable sub-limits. Payment is made at 100% of the Scheme Rate.

On the Comprehensive option, these benefits will be paid from the Personal Medical Savings Account (PMSA) once the Insured Out-of-Hospital benefit is exhausted, subject to available funds. If the provider charges in excess of the Scheme Rate, these shortfalls can also be paid from the PMSA.

On the Classic option, these benefits are covered from the Insured Out-of-Hospital benefit, subject to the applicable limits.

These healthcare services are not covered on the Standard option.