If you need an operation or hospital treatment

For planned hospital stays, members have to call us for preauthorisation at least 48 hours before going to hospital. Remedi covers you for planned hospitalisation up to the overall annual limit for your Option. We pay your hospital accounts at the rate we agreed on with the hospital. This benefit covers expenses that occur while you are in hospital, if you have preauthorised your admission. Examples of the expenses we cover are theatre and ward fees, x-rays, blood tests and the medicine you have to take while you are in hospital.


Before you go to hospital for a planned procedure, remember to get authorisation first. You have to:

  • Visit your doctor so that he or she will decide if it is necessary for you to be admitted to hospital.
  • Find out which doctor is going to admit you to hospital. Sometimes, your own doctor will refer you to another doctor or specialist.
  • Choose the hospital you want to be admitted to, but remember that not all procedures are done in all hospitals. Your doctor can advise you on this.
  • Phone us to find out how we cover healthcare professionals, like anaesthetists, so that you can reduce the risk of a co-payment.
  • Preauthorise your hospital admission by calling us on 0860 116 116 at least 48 hours before you go to hospital. We will give you information that is relevant to how we will pay for your hospital stay. If you do not confirm your admission and the costs that we would normally cover, you may have to make a co-payment.

Remember, the hospital benefit only covers you for admission to a general ward, not a private ward.